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New York State recognizes the right of all to marry, including gay couples. Unfortunately, as with all marriages, a percentage of same-sex marriages may end in divorce. 

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gay couples same-sex marriage and divorceAllow our office to help during this sensitive time, with all the respect given to each and every client, handling any family issues like:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Prenuptial agreements

For women or men who are victims of spousal or domestic abuse, Ms. Mendelsohn can assist in obtaining an Order for Protection (restraining order). She also represents clients who are accused of domestic violence, including parents whose custody or visitation is in jeopardy as a result.

The firm handles paternity issues (establishment or defense) pertaining to child support and custody / visitation rights, representing mothers seeking to establish paternity for child support, and men who want to establish their rights (including defense of paternity claims).

Grandparents' rights can sometimes be overlooked during family turmoil. Our office handles modifications to child support or custody and visitation arrangements, including petitions by grandparents or other family members for access to or custody of the child.

Father's need proper representation to ensure their rights when it comes to custody, visitation and child support.

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It may seem unromantic, but having a pre-nuptial agreement is a very wise decision, especially as people are getting married at older ages. It is not just for the wealthy. By 30 years old, both parties can have assets like savings, inheritance, homes, or a business. And it adds to the financial well-being of the marriage if perhaps their Grandmothers inheritance is safe in case of a remote chance of separation.

Even when married, it's not too late to get a Post-Nup.

Spousal support is often awarded in cases in which one spouse has put his or her education or career on hold in order to raise the parties' children while the other climbed the career ladder and achieved a higher income. In such cases, the alimony will often be temporary, providing income for the period of time that will enable the recipient spouse to become self-supporting.

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Long Island attorney Jennifer A. Mendelsohn practices all aspects of New York Matrimonial and Family Law, including divorce and property settlements, child custody, child support, paternity, orders for protection, grandparents' rights, and neglect proceedings. Also, same-sex pre-nups, and same-sex divorces.

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